VP of Construction Management

Argus Voigt

Introducing Argus Voigt, a seasoned professional with deep roots in the construction industry. From an early age, Argus was immersed in the world of construction, working closely with his father and other family members throughout his formative years in Oregon.

These experiences laid the foundation for his unwavering passion and expertise in the field. Following his upbringing in the construction industry, Argus ventured into the lumber supply business, further expanding his knowledge and gaining invaluable insights into the materials that bring dreams to life. However, his true calling beckoned him back to the very essence of construction itself. With a deep understanding of the craft and armed with the determination to carry on the three-generation family tradition, Argus picked up his hammer and returned to making home dreams a reality.

Today, as the Vice President of Construction Management for JAMZ Construction, Argus plays a vital role in overseeing the seamless execution of projects. His competence and measured approach ensure that operations run smoothly, deadlines are met, and quality standards are exceeded. With Argus Voigt as Vice President of Construction Management, JAMZ Construction benefits from his competence, measured approach, helpfulness, and creative problem-solving abilities. His dedication to upholding the family legacy, combined with his unwavering commitment to excellence, positions the company for continued success and sets a high standard for achieving home dreams with meticulous attention to detail.

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